06 January 2010

visualizing data centers

In researching data centers and co-location facilities this morning, I came across two well-done sources of videos that explain some of the spaces of the Internet.  365 Main, which is based in San Francisco but manages data centers around the US, has what I would consider a surprising amount of transparency regarding their operations and facilities.  They have posted a series of short videos about their original location, at 365 Main St in downtown San Francisco.  I will post some of my own pictures of their facilities soon, but in the meantime, check out these videos.  The second source is Digital Realty Trust, which has a "knowledge library" of white papers, videos, and other sources for information on their business building data centers.  Mixed in with the more professional bits are a series of short videos documenting how a data center is actually constructed, using Legos.  Check it here.

While these online resources on the Internet itself are primarily available to show potential clients that 365 Main and Digital Realty Trust are professional and capable businesses for providing server space, the information is also useful for gaining a better understanding how the Internet actually functions.

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