10 September 2010

corn fields and fiber optics in the Midwest

Fiber optic line markers alongside Highway 24 west of Eureka, Il.
To the west of Eureka, Illinois, on Highway 24, runs a fiber optic cable, in the non-space space of the highway border, between the asphalt and a cornfield.  When you drive into Eureka and turn south on 117, the fiber optic line continues through the residential area.

Stop sign, street sign, and fiber optic cable route marker.  Eureka, IL

Buried gas, sewer, electric, and communication infrastructure, and the overhead electrical lines.  Eureka, IL

What caught my eye and why I stopped to take these photographs, was this scene above, where it appears some digging was scheduled in the near future.  The spray paint and mini flags signify all the different buried infrastructure lines.  What seemed somewhat unique here was that the flags had the company's name on it.  Orange for communication, red for electricity, yellow for gas, green for sewers.  This is an instance of invisible,  underground systems poking through to the surface, if only for a short time.

A close up of these utility flags -- gas and fiber optic lines.  Eureka, IL

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