06 August 2011

Near Marshall, California on Tomales Bay is the Marconi Conference Center State Historic Park, on the site of Guglielmo Marconi's Marshall Receiving Station, where trans-Pacific wireless communication signals were received. This concrete block anchored guy wires that held in place one of the tall receiving antenna for the station. The antenna are no longer present; these concrete blocks are one of the few infrastructural remnants of the wireless station. Without the innovation of Marconi and other early wireless communication engineers, our contemporary world of instantaneous, digital and mobile communication would not be the same. This historic location is now a conference center, and any memory of its original use is relegated to photographs and written description. This photo taken by the author, January 2011. I plan on writing more about the space of Marconi's wireless infrastructure soon.

My two blogs, Pockets of Space and Everyday Structures, have now both been mentioned at Things Magazine in the last six months. As I wrote in April regarding Pockets of Space, it is always rewarding to have your work mentioned on websites you actually read, in this case the only meta-blog I regularly follow. Again, thanks for the mention at Things Magazine.

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