10 January 2012

telecom signage from throughout the United States

A collection of WARNING, DO NOT DIG or general private property signage from telecommunications equipment. Locations: California--Sonora, Point Reyes, Mono Lake, Manzanar, Redondo Beach. Kentucky--Shelbyville, Finchville, Louisville. Pennsylvania--Philadelphia, Norristown. This signage is the most visible element of our communication networks, indicating the presence of the fiber-optic or copper cables that carry landline and mobile phone conversations as well as the Internet. The different designs and font choices over the years, as well as the weathering of the signs is indicative of the evolution of the systems and the telecom providers. Some of the signs are for companies that no longer exist, such as Pacific Bell. Since PacBell became AT&T, changing the signage has apparently not been a priority.

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