03 July 2013

Walking to Newcastle International Airport: A photoessay

Leaving Durham, England...

Past a mini roundabout at the edge of town.
To Newcastle International Airport, flying to Philadelphia via Heathrow's Terminal Five on the fringe of London.

After I check my suitcase I have a few hours before the flight leaves. Walking around outside with the idling taxis, I notice a route sign for pedestrians into and out of the airport. This would be a rarity in the United States--no one walks to the airport! But apparently in Newcastle, this is an option. The path winds alongside this glassy, Doubletree by Hilton with its placeless, airport-international styling.

 Behind the Doubletree hotel, the airport path intersects with a sidewalk that runs alongside B6198, a peripheral road that proceeds alongside the airport's perimeter. Across the road is the Premier Inn, with a slightly dated, cartoonish aesthetic.

Next to the Permier Inn the sidewalk continues past the Prestwick Terrace, a residential sliver bounded by roads, rails, and airport parking.

A gate and the runway just past.

The path continuing alongside B6198. I turned around about here because rain was starting to fall and I didn't have an appropriate jacket to put on.

On the way back I notices the cellular antenna sites mimicking the flagpoles--one on either side of the three white poles in the center of the image. Mobile communication infrastructure and the logistics systems--including places for individuals to stay before or after taking a flight--cluster around airports.

And then waiting for my flight to board, looking back out at the landscape.

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